Trois-Rivières sur Saint-Laurent District 55 Conference and Event Centre for Interactive Experience

Trois-Rivières sur Saint-Laurent

Occupied for more than a century by the pulp and paper industry before becoming abandoned in the 1990s, the expansive plot of land at the confluence of the Saint-Maurice and St. Lawrence Rivers, where the former TRIPAP plant once stood, held outstanding development potential. 

In 2007, the City of Trois-Rivières launched one of the largest construction initiatives in its history by acquiring this exceptional property. The objective? Return the majestic site to the people. The new development, christened Trois-Rivières sur Saint-Laurent, will be comprised of public spaces, residential areas and a technology park, its centrepiece a stunning outdoor amphitheatre.

Parc Micro Sciences

In 2009, the Parc Micro Sciences technology park was inaugurated with the opening of the Technocentre, a business incubator dedicated to the industrial bioprocess and environmental technology sectors. The Novocis, a second building that opened in 2016, is designed for telecommunications, electronics and information technology firms. 

L'Adresse sur le fleuve
In the heart of the Trois-Rivières sur Saint-Laurent site, L’Adresse sur le fleuve offers an exclusive lifestyle in a prestigious residential complex. Already built are two five-storey buildings, each with 40 condos; nine more buildings are still to come. 


Long recognized as the world’s pulp and paper capital, Trois-Rivières pays homage to its illustrious industrial past in the Boréalis Museum, a paper industry historical centre. This former filtration plant for Canadian International Paper, in its time the planet’s largest paper mill, is today open to the public. Inaugurated in 2010, Boréalis has become one of the most visited attractions in Trois-Rivières. 

Cogeco Amphitheatre

And finally, in the summer of 2015, the new Cogeco Amphitheatre was inaugurated with much fanfare and has since made its mark, welcoming such international artists as Céline Dion, Cirque du Soleil and ZZ Top. The imposing red and black structure, designed by architect Paul Laurendeau, has gained recognition across the country and beyond, having been featured on the cover of prestigious monthly magazine Canadian Architect and awarded the Jury Prize by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.