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Step 6


What are the next steps?

  • Register or incorporate your business
  • Obtain all applicable permits and licenses
  • Open your bank accounts, and obtain your employer, tax, CNESST and labour standards numbers, among others
  • Verify and arrange applicable insurance policies (payroll, liability, equipment, etc.)
  • Sign contracts (partnership agreement, lease, etc.)
  • Implement your accounting system
  • Recruit your employees
  • Purchase your equipment and inventory
  • Design and print your business cards, brochures, stationery and invoices

Once the business is up and running…

  • Diligently manage your production, sales, personnel, etc.
  • Conduct periodic performance assessments of the company, and compare the results against your business plan
  • Revise strategies and budgets as required
  • Anticipate the growth and expansion of your business
  • Improve your product, service and technology
  • Examine export possibilities

Expand your network of contacts

Get involved in your community to become better known. Take part in the activities hosted by local business associations, and build alliances with business people who offer complementary products and services.