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Step 4

Plan the start-up of your company

During this step, you should consider the legal structure of your business, its equipment and material requirements, location, and applicable regulations and permits.

What legal structure will your company adopt?

The choice of legal structure must take into account the legal and fiscal aspects on both a provincial and federal level.

  • Sole ownership
  • Incorporated company 
  • General partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Jointly-owned company
  • Not-for-profit corporation
  • Cooperative 
What equipment and materials will you require?
It is important to quickly identify what materials, merchandise and equipment you will require. You can then identify potential suppliers and solicit bids.

Where should your company be located?
The location of your business will have a real impact on its success, so it’s imperative that you choose carefully. Determine the amount of space you’ll need over the short and long term as well as the layout and types of facilities to plan for.

Don’t forget to take the municipal and zoning bylaws into account, as there may be restrictions on how the land is used in the area you’ve targeted. 

Identify your priorities:
  • Accessibility
  • Potential for growth in the area
  • Visibility
  • Parking
  • Occupancy costs 
  • Proximity to customers, suppliers and competitors
Permits and regulations
Applying for permits and complying with the various government requirements are just two of the everyday concerns of entrepreneurs. Below are a few obligations that may apply to your project:

Zoning regulations and construction permits

It is important to ensure your project complies with the zoning bylaws in effect. In addition, if you are preparing to make leasehold improvements to your premises, a permit will be required. You must also apply for a permit to erect new signage or change an existing sign.

Before signing any agreement, consult the town planning regulations that apply to the Trois-Rivières territory.