Project validation Market research Business plan Plan the start-up Financing Start-up

Ready to launch your business?

You have a great idea, and you’re ready to dive in. Congrats! Now it’s time to turn that idea into action. Learn about the six steps to a successful start-up.

1 Project validation Before taking the plunge, ensure you’re well prepared to succeed in the entrepreneurial adventure you’re embarking upon! Learn more
2 Market research Market research is the most effective tool you can use to validate your project’s potential. Learn more
Business plan
A business plan is a must once you begin to look for financing, but it’s also the best way to clearly define the parameters of your project. Learn more
4 Start-up road map
What legal structure will your company adopt? What equipment and materials will you require? Where should your company be located? What zoning and permit regulations will apply?
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5 Financing
Identifying your financing needs and sources is a critical step on your road to success.
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6 Start-up
You’re finally ready to launch. What are the next steps?
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