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A market of 480 million consumers at your doorstep!

Discover a transportation network that puts you within easy reach of the entire North American market. Connected to the continent, Trois-Rivières is open to the world.

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Located at a strategic junction

Situated at the junction of road, rail, marine and air transportation routes, Trois-Rivières offers businesses a comprehensive network and North American reach:
  • Easy access to all cities in Quebec, Ontario and Eastern Canada
  • 200 km from the U.S. and its 300 million consumers
Situated halfway between Montreal (financial hub) and Quebec City (administrative hub), the capital of the Mauricie region has everything you expect to find in a strategic location with global access:
  • An exceptional geographic location
  • A port on the St. Lawrence River, just steps from downtown
  • A regional airport
  • Access to a multipurpose railway network
  • Proximity to a sophisticated highway system, with immediate access to Highways 40 and 55 and with Highway 20 just 20 minutes away

A transportation network serving the continent

Road access 

Trois-Rivières, located at the intersection of two major highway systems, provides rapid access to key cities in Quebec, Ontario, the U.S. and Eastern Canada.

Marine transportation

Open year-round, the port of Trois-Rivières is one of the largest in Quebec, and its traffic continues to grow. Each year, it accommodates:  
  • 55,000 trucks
  • 1,000 train cars
  • more than 200 merchant and cruise ships from some 100 ports in over 40 countries
  • 3 million metric tonnes of merchandise

Recognized for the excellence of its stevedoring, dockside sheds, indoor and outdoor storage facilities and skilled workforce, the port offers its clients a wide range of flexible services that include towage, shipping agencies and piloting.

Dry and liquid bulk, containers, grain and general goods are just a few of the types of cargo that transit through the port of Trois-Rivières, all in compliance with the most stringent environmental standards and with full regard for the surrounding community. The Trois-Rivières port facilities also meet the latest international marine transportation security requirements.

The Trois-Rivières port infrastructures include :
  • 2.7 km of harbourfront, including 8 commercial berths with a minimum depth of 10.7 m
  • Terminals, sheds and indoor and outdoor storage space
  • Grain elevators
  • 7.6 km of railway tracks along the docks, close to a marshalling yard
  • Reservoirs for liquid and dry bulk
The port of Trois-Rivières is currently undergoing a major $40 million investment initiative to increase its efficiency and storage capacity.

Air transportation

Located a few kilometres north of downtown, Trois-Rivières Airport offers particular potential for aeronautics businesses or those requiring air transportation.  

With its 2.75 km (9,006 ft) runway, which is equipped with high-intensity approach lights and ARCAL and PAPI systems at both extremities, the airport accommodates all aircraft types, including the Boeing 747 and Airbus A320. The airport also operates around the clock. 

The expanding airport industrial park offers more than 5 km2 of commercial and industrial space. 

Specialized aviation services 

The companies in the airport industrial park provide an array of services to businesses and individuals: 
  • Freight transportation and chartering of cargo airplanes
  • Mechanical repairs, maintenance and painting of small and large aircraft
  • Overhaul of aircraft engines
  • Manufacturing of fibreglass aircraft parts
  • Engineering and certification
  • Business flights and the chartering of aircraft and helicopters
  • Flying and skydiving lessons

Rail transportation

Businesses in Trois-Rivières enjoy direct access to the major continental rail lines Canadian National and Canadian Pacific via the Quebec-Gatineau Railway.

Trois-Rivières also offers rail, road and port intermodal transhipment infrastructures. All transportation and customs services are available at the various intermodal locations. 

Turnkey storage and logistics services  

There are a number of businesses you can call on for logistics expertise.
Their services include but are not limited to:
  • Merchandise handling with indoor or outdoor receiving/shipping
  • Real-time management of inventory
  • Management of various bulk, liquid or packaged products
  • Controlled access to sites
  • Indoor and outdoor logistics services with access to the railway network
  • Temperature-controlled indoor warehousing service

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