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Implementation costs among the lowest in Canada

Trois-Rivières is the best choice for businesses seeking to enter the North American market, with implementation costs that rank among the lowest.

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Canada, stable and competitive 

« The best country in the G20 for business » - Forbes et Bloomberg
« The world’s soundest banking system » - WEF
« The most tax competitive G7 country » - KPMG, Focus on Tax
« The G20 country offering the greatest ease in establishing a business » - World Bank

Energy in Quebec 

« One of the lowest corporate tax rates in North America » - Investissement Québec
« Energy in Quebec is among the most stable, abundant and affordable in the world » - Ovo Energy

Trois-Rivières – an affordable choice

« First in northeastern Canada and the U.S. for implementation costs » - KPMG, 2012
« Local entrepreneurial policies in Trois-Rivières have propelled it to rank among the top two Quebec cities in which to establish a business » - CFIB, 2015

Numerous financial incentives 

Many financial programs and incentives are available to help streamline the establishment of your business in Trois-Rivières. 

Fonds de diversification économique du Centre-du-Québec et de la Mauricie
  • Maximum non-repayable contribution of $250,000 for studies
  • Interest-free repayable contribution of $4,750,000 with two-year moratorium
Canada Economic Development Program 
  • Interest-free loan covering up to 50% of production equipment expenses (repayment over five years with full two-year moratorium)
  • Interest-free loan covering up to 50% of marketing expenses outside Canada (repayment over five years with full two-year moratorium)
  • Interest-free loan covering up to 50% of marketing expenses for Canadian innovations (repayment over five years with full two-year moratorium)
Industrial port zone
  • Non-repayable contribution of 50% for intermodal transportation infrastructure projects in the industrial port zone (up to $50 M)
Tax credits and other benefits
  • Five-year property tax credit of between 70% and 100% of the amount applied to new construction or leasehold improvements
  • 16% tax credit on the acquisition of new production equipment (8% after January 1, 2017)
Emploi-Québec workforce programs
  • 50% subsidy for the senior human resources manager
  • 50% subsidy for the costs associated with the fees of a consultant or specialized firm
  • 50% subsidy for the training of new hires (Mauricie)
  • 25% subsidy for the training of new hires (Centre-du-Québec)
  • Non-repayable contribution of up to 50% of the costs incurred to train personnel, to a maximum of 10% of the total payroll or $100,000 
Tax refunds and credits (Canada and Quebec)
  • Tax holiday on the revenues of a new company specializing in the commercialization of intellectual property
  • Tax holiday for foreign researchers
  • Tax holiday for foreign experts
  • Tax credit for the creation of apprenticeship jobs
  • Tax credit for private partnership pre-competitive research
  • Tax credit for the design of industrially manufactured products (industrial design phase)
  • Tax credit for technological adaptation services
  • Tax credit respecting the integration of IT into SMEs in the manufacturing and primary sectors
  • Tax credit respecting R&D salaries
  • Repayable tax credit for e-business development
  • Scientific research and experimental development — Tax Incentive Program
  • Recognition for pre-competitive research consortia 

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