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Welcome and integration services

As soon as you are settled in Quebec, you should take care of a number of tasks that affect your rights and obligations as a permanent resident, including, for example, applying for a social insurance number, registering with the provincial health insurance plan (Régime d'assurance maladie), opening a chequing account, and other simple but essential steps to take upon arrival.

 You can relax knowing that the welcome service for new residents (Service d'accueil aux nouveaux arrivants or SANA) is here to help you! This service will assist you in your search for housing, provide you with information about the various community services (education, health, daycare, etc.), refer you to community organizations and resources related to the job market and business start-ups, and much more.

To streamline your integration into Quebec society, we invite you to consult the guide “Learning about Quebec.” It contains general information about employment, housing, the values and foundations of Quebec society, French education, and support services to help you integrate and feel at home.

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Annual ceremony

The goal of this ceremony is to bring together immigrants who have arrived in Trois-Rivières during the previous year. This formal yet relaxed civic reception provides an opportunity for the mayor of the city and representatives of key organizations involved in its socioeconomic development to welcome newcomers while underscoring what makes Trois-Rivières distinctive.