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A region of opportunity

A welcoming community, a dynamic city rich in opportunity and an exceptional quality of life make Trois-Rivières the ideal place to put your life plan into action.

Live in Trois-Rivières
Located halfway between Montreal and Quebec City, Trois-Rivières combines economic dynamism, cultural wealth and quality of life like no other city. It has everything that big cities offer, without the drawbacks! Learn more
Study in Trois-Rivières
Trois-Rivières boasts a high quality education system that includes a university, two colleges and two professional development centres. Learn more
Work in Trois-Rivières
Trois-Rivières is not only an outstanding city to call home, it also offers attractive job opportunities in several sectors.  Learn more
Invest in Trois-Rivières
A charming and cultural city exuding 300-year-old charm, Trois-Rivières has been injected with renewed vigor in recent years through economic diversification and the growth of its SMEs. Learn more