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Support policy for businesses

Created in conjunction with the regional development fund (Fonds de développement des territoires), the support policy for businesses (Politique de soutien aux entreprises) aims to support private and social economy businesses in their expansion or start-up projects.

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Targeted projects and sectors

Tourism: Support and development of growth-generating projects, with priority given to development initiatives that target diversification of the offer.

Industrial, commercial, agricultural and scientific development: Support for innovative initiatives that generate permanent, high-quality jobs.

Eligible organizations

  • Cooperatives
  • Private non-profit businesses operating in the social economy sector
  • Private incorporated companies, with the exception of private businesses in the financial sector

Types of eligible expenses

  • Capital assets (leasehold improvements, professional fees associated with capital assets) and equipment such as machinery or rolling stock
  • Collaborative projects to implement information tools such as websites and their associated translation costs
  • Analysis projects requiring specialized expertise in order to set up a growth-generating initiative
  • The purchase of technologies, software or software packages, patents or any other expense of this type, excluding research and development activities

Features of the financial assistance 

  • This financial assistance consists of a non-repayable grant
  • The maximum amount of the financial assistance allocated is $20,000 per project. This amount may be increased to a maximum of $40,000 if the project demonstrates a significant growth-generating impact
  • The rate of assistance is a maximum of 80% of the allowable costs for social economy businesses and 50% for private for-profit businesses
  • Projects retained will be subject to a memorandum of understanding between the funding party and the proponent. This memorandum will define the conditions covering the disbursement of the financial assistance and the obligations of the parties
  • Business succession projects and projects involving business proponents aged 18 to 35 are given priority.

Selection criteria

The financial envelope dedicated to providing assistance to businesses does not allocate a specific pool of funds per sector. The best projects are selected, with each eligible project evaluated according to the following selection criteria:

  • Growth-generating impact of the project (local priority, tangible benefits, job creation)
  • Financial structure and package of the project (proponent’s contribution, rigorous search for financing, applicability of the assistance requested, financial health of the proponent, reliable, realistic financial data, self-financing prospects) and the long-term financial viability of the business
  • Relevance of the project (targeted clientele, uniqueness of the project, competition, quality of the offer, innovation)
  • Feasibility of the project (realistic timeline, marketing and communication strategy, quality of the business plan)
  • Proponent’s expertise and experience
  • Particular attention is paid to projects whose proponents are between the ages of 18 and 35 and business succession projects in the industrial and high-tech sectors

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