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Economic diversification fund for Central Quebec and the Mauricie

Innovation et Développement économique Trois-Rivières can support you in your application to obtain funding from the economic diversification fund (Fonds de diversification économique). Our team of professionals will guide you in preparing your business plan and financial forecasts, among others.

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This program is designed for businesses that plan to conduct projects in the Central Quebec and Mauricie regions. Priority will be given to the regional county municipality (RCM) of Bécancour and the City of Trois-Rivières.


This program aims to:

- promote the start-up and advancement of business projects;

- develop new future-oriented industries

Eligibility criteria

Eligible clienteles
  • Businesses legally constituted in Quebec, including cooperatives and market-oriented social economy businesses
  • Businesses located outside Quebec, provided their project involves a feasibility study associated with an investment initiative or the establishment of a business in the territory
  • Non-profit organizations legally constituted in Quebec and conducting economic development activitie
Eligible sectors

The following are eligible:
  • Businesses in the manufacturing sector
  • Businesses in the propulsive service industry, which includes high value-added companies that constitute a key component in the production of goods or firms that use new technologies

The targeted companies are found in the following sectors:

  • Information technology and communications
  • Environmental services
  • Industrial creation and design services
  • Industrial and scientific services laboratories
  • Private research centres
  • Services to businesses
  • Businesses in the primary sector that are involved in a secondary or tertiary processing project
  • Businesses in the tourism sector that offer entertainment and leisure services, provided the project is a major one with an objective to implement cultural, scientific, recreational, outdoor or other such attractions and facilities, offered to a tourism clientele on a regular basis and demonstrating the potential for growth
  • Businesses in the tourist accommodation sector whose project includes investments in the recreational tourism sector that promote travel or emphasize a stay, with the exception of B&Bs and campgrounds
Eligible projects

The projects must comply with the priorities and orientations of the economic diversification plan for Central Quebec and the Mauricie (Plan de diversification économique du Centre-du-Québec et de la Mauricie) and as such must help to:
  • stimulate entrepreneurship
  • support small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs)
  • encourage investment in the future-oriented sectors for these regions
The following projects are eligible:
  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary studies for an investment project in the Central Quebec and Mauricie regions
  • Investment projects (equipment, capital assets)
Projects that target:
  • the creation of a new business
  • the expansion (including upgrading) of existing businesses or private research centres
  • the construction/renovation of industrial infrastructures for leasing purposes (business incubator)
Product and procedure development
Projects that target the development of new products or procedures used in the production process. These innovations must enable:
  • expansion of the product line
  • maintenance or growth of market share
  • the opening of new markets
  • reduction of environmental degradation
Business development studies or projects
Business development studies or projects conducted to increase the competitiveness of businesses within a diversified market

Ineligible projects
  • Projects associated with the move of a business in the Central Quebec and Mauricie territories
  • Events, e.g. seasonal festivals
  • Municipal infrastructure projects, including the purchase of equipment associated with: leisure, sports, community life, roadways, and sewage and water systems, among others

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