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Benefitting from the absence of traffic congestion, Trois-Rivières has an ideal geographical location. The city offers an efficient supply, distribution, and marketing chain on an international scale by way of its infrastructure : land transport corridors, marine and railway freight, multimodal services, warehousing and logistics.

With its airport, two deepwater ports (Trois-Rivières and Bécancour), and various highway and railway access points, the region has first-class infrastructure that is continually expanding and improving.

Business revenue $600M


Number of businesses 160


Number of employees 3 550


Leading companies



As part of Québec’s Maritime Strategy, Trois-Rivières and Bécancour were chosen for the establishing of industrial port zones. The Strategy’s 2015-2020 Action Plan includes a budget allocation of $300M to support private investment in these zones. $200M is also earmarked by the government to support port and intermodal infrastructure projects designed for the transport of goods.

Port de Trois-Rivières
Open year-round, the Port de Trois-Rivières is one of the largest in Québec, with steadily increasing traffic. Each year, it accommodates:
  • 55,000 trucks
  • 11,000 railcars
  • more than 200 merchant and cruise ships from over a hundred ports located in more than forty countries around the world
  • the annual handling of more than 3 million metric tonnes of cargo
Recognized for the excellence of its material handlers, its warehouses’ proximity to the docks, its indoor and outdoor storage areas, and its skilled workforce, it offers clients towing, shipping agency, and pilotage services. The Port de Trois-Rivières is currently making use of a vast $40M investment program to increase its warehouse capacity and efficiency.

Port de Bécancour

With nearly 7,000 hectares of land with no elevation change and with a substantial bearing capacity, the Parc industriel et portuaire Bécancour is in a class of its own as a location for major industries. Also open year-round.

Trois-Rivières Airport

Located a few kilometers north of downtown, the Trois-Rivières airport offers particularly interesting potential for businesses in the aeronautic sector or those shipping by air. Thanks to its 2.75 km (9,006 ft) runway equipped with high-intensity approach lights with PAPI and ARCAL systems at both ends, the airport can accommodate, at any time of day or night, all types of aircraft, including the Boeing 747 and Airbus A320.


Cégep de Trois-Rivières
  • Transport Logistics
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  • College Diploma (DEC) plus Bachelor Degree
  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration – Major in Logistics

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