Life sciences

Historically linked to the pulp and paper industry, the city of Trois-Rivières was able to diversify and stimulate the development of a cluster of active companies in the field of life sciences. The most active sectors are Industrial Bioprocessing, Environmental Technologies and Agri-food Technologies.

Business revenue $110M


Number of businesses 15


Number of employees 300


Day after day, these companies are willing to launch innovative projects with support from the Trois-Rivières Technocentre, which has world-class facilities and equipment, or with help from the UQTR Industrial Research Chair in Environment and Biotechnology (CRIEB).

Leading companies



The mission of the Industrial Research Chair on Environment and Biotechnology (CRIEB) is to develop environmental biotechnologies and affordable bioproducts, and integrate them to
paper processes or other industrial processes. It seeks to reduce environmental incidents and industry’s ecological footprint by focussing on the conditioning of its waste products to extract maximum ingredients or “bio-sourced” product, and to respond to the particular needs of industry and of society.


Innofibre, the centre for innovation of cellulosic products, contributes to the technological standing and the sustainable development of the paper and biorefiningindustry in Québec, by supporting the innovation and diversification of biomass products and by adapting paper technologies. It has the only pilot factory of its kind in Canada allowing it to reproduce processes in part or in full. The factory features:
  • A workshop for pulping, pulp processing, and bio-refining
  • A complete pilot newsprint machine, including the most advanced technologies
  • Surface treatment equipment for modifying and functionalizing paper and cardboard.


Located in the Parc Micro Sciences Trois-Rivières, the Technocentre is an incubator for companies in the fields of industrial bioprocesses and environmental technologies.

Its equipment allows for the optimization of bioprocesses and simpler scaling of products with a view to their marketing. Found on site:
  • 8 private laboratories available for rental
  • a shared laboratory with basic equipment
  • specialized equipment, including bioreactors from 3.6L to 500L and a sanitary grade filtration unit.


Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  • Bachelor Degree in Biological and Ecological Sciences
  • Certificate in Environmental Science
  • Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies
  • Bachelor Degree in Medical Biology
  • Certificate and Bachelor Degree in Medical Biology
  • Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences
  • Master’s Degree in the Science and Engineering of Lignocellulosic Materials

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